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primavera a montemarzino

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Form a distance...


From a distance it is difficult to see whether they are watchtowers or bell towers, whether these towers are signs of the sword or the cross. On these hills of Tortonese all villages have at least one of these stoneware. Almost all are unknown, only in the registers of the church they are listed and briefly mentioned by tourism which gets lost especially for quiet excursions to this area, which have as an inevitable destination a wonderful meal. There's no need to browse through guides or maps, you wouldn't find anything. You simply have to go there to get to know and discover one of the unknown regions up close, but also so far away from our front door. That's why you're leaving early in the morning...


                                                                                            (Albano Marcarini, Il Sentiero dei Colli tortonesi, 2005)

Montemarzino - visto da fuori


Max Roth, a chef from Davos (Switzerland): Montemarzino - the wide view that opens over the hills to the south, to Monte Giarolo, to Monte Antola and Montecanne, to Castellania, the home of Fausto Coppi. On his streets I was now and then by bike en route and wish to be again. For us in the mountains the winters are long, the air is very dry and therefore suitable for drying Bündnerfleisch.

On the other hand I enjoy the humid air that arouses my lungs in Montemarzino.
For me, Montemarzino is more than just a magnificent landscape and a good climate. Here I meet lovable people and good friends. Thanks them, Montemarzino has become a valuable part of my life.

Sentiero 154 - a fascinating hike to the Colli Tortonesi


From the town hall in Monleale up to Cusinasco and the Poggio, then down to Rio Brolio and up again to the beautiful Montemarzine hamlets of Reguardia and Costa. We are on the road in the landscapes that touched and inspired the famous painter Giuseppe Pellizza di Volpedo (1868-1907). After a detour to the Caffaroni hill, the route continues through the vineyards to Monleale. Walking time approx. 3 hours.

Scrimignano - a view to a Montemarzino hamlet



Recently published: Scrimignano e la sua storia. Mattia Nicolini Berutti, Vice-Sindaco of Montemarzino, has written a publication about his hometown and its church history, a very valuable publication for our village.

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