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Montemarzino's land counts about 350 inhabitants, spread across 12 fractions: Montemarzino, Scrimignano, Castellazzo, Segagliate, Caffaroni, Ca'Giani, Roncascinate, Costa, Reguardia, Premarone, Barca and Zebedassi.


Montemarzino was first published in 1098. Previously owned by Gavi, it then became part of Tortona. During this time, a castle was built on its highest peak. Today, some of these ruins are still visible. In 1174, this land was then annexed to the Duchy of Milan. Later, noble Genoese families (Doria, Malaspina and Spinola) reigned Montemarzino since the end of medieval times up until 1736, when Savoia took over the property. In 1926, the local hunting reserve was granted to a few wealthy Genoese citizens, who in return took care of the aqueduct and electricity. During that time Monte counted about 650 inhabitants. Further information in regards to Montemarzino's history can be found on the city hall website.

Our location

Montemarzino is only 15km from Tortona, at 450 meters above sea level, in between Val Curone and Val Grue. In a region deeply influenced by agriculture, and rarely discovered by today's tourism. Despite being in a remote location, Montemarzino is close to the "strade del sale" (salt roads)

where for centuries muleteers transported salt and other goods from Genoa's port,

through Liguria and towards central Europe.


Your journey here

Traffic and transport delays can be a big issue here, especially in train journeys. In fact, trains between Switzerland and Milan are frequent, but are often delayed. There's a train to Genoa leaving from Milan pretty much every hour and it only takes you about an hour to get to Tortona. In Tortona there are blue ARFEA buses that drive in most towns across the region. Keep in mind that these mostly operate mornings and evenings, but rarely on holidays. The best option is to use your own car.

Just take the A9 up to Milan and the A7 towards Genoa. Take the Castelnuovo Scrivia exit. Here, head towards Tortona – Val Curone – Viguzzolo – Monleale – Barca. At the gas station, turn right and head up the road for about 4km.

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