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Frutta e Verdura

Eating, Drinking and Sleeping

Our products

Montemarzino is located within a fruit farming and horticultural environment. Whilst peaches (a must have), grapes and apples form the majority of our economic output we also grow strawberries, cherries, apricots and tomatoes.

We are able to produce excellent quality wines thanks to the different types of grapes that grow around our lands. Indeed, despite the far more expensive Barolo, our local Barbera still holds ground. Along with this, the Cortese and the exceptional Timorasso are other wines of perfect quality. Personally, I'd suggest purchasing wine directly at the vineyards: a chance to sit down, experience wine tastings and most importantly enjoy the view.


Another speciality of the area are the salami and cheese. Indeed, the Montebore cheese that was first produced in 1489 for the wedding of Duke Gian Galeazzo Sforza and Isabella da Aragona is exquisite.

Our cuisine

Our cuisine is held in high regard and is a benchmark for European quality. Unsurprisingly, finding a good restaurant around our valley will not be a problem. Specialities are numerous; nonetheless an all time favourite is definitely the truffle. (Our white truffles especially are delicious). In regards to menus and course options the best thing to do is simply ask restaurant owners to offer you what they know is best, or even better: visit an agriturismo. These are usually farm stays, but they also offer a wonderful tasting menu often based (but not only) on their own produce. Once again, this can be a wonderful experience of true Italian cuisine and ambience, something that you would not necessarily have in a restaurant. (Obviously, especially in summer, it is best to book with some notice).


Where to sleep?

As of today, there are no major hotels in the area. There are however, numerous smaller hotels, farm houses, bed & breakfasts or holiday residences.

Don't worry about the shopping

Barca, just 4km down the road, has a bakery and a small food store. If however, you are looking for a bigger shop I would recommend heading to Monleale or Tortona. I promise, you will not be disappointed in the views on your way there.

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