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Fausto Coppi
Sacrario dei fratelli Coppi
Velo Haldenstein sui Colli Tortonesi
Incontri a Volpedo
Pellizza - Il Quarto Stato
Pellizza - Il sole
Pellizza - Panni al sole
In piscina a Montemarzino
divertimento nell'acqua
Presso Roncascinate

From the Champion cyclist Fausto Coppi to the pointillist Giuseppe Pelizza

There is a lot more to eating, drinking and sleeping (despite being on holiday). Occasionally, one also needs to have a look around and see what else there is. Cycling here is not only seen as a means of transport but it is also an important tradition. Here, in 1919 one of the most famour cyclists of all time was born. Fausto Coppi, "il campionissimo" won both the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France several times. In Castellania, his birthplace, there is a mausoleum and a museum in in his honour.


Despite being a pictoresque drive, care must be taken as hedges can block your view around corners. Trails can sometimes be inadequately marked, however please do use paths as much as possible, as there is no better way to enjoy the beauty this area has to offer. A new map has been recently published, "Le Vie del Sale", in scale 1:25'000. Please focus on the F8 section as that involves this area ("Il Tortonese e le Valli Scrivia, Curone e Ossona").


Even though there are just over 50 residents, Montemarzino also has a swimming pool with exceptional views, open June to September. Recently, a golf course (amongst the biggest in Europe) has also opened in Momperone. Volpedo is one of those little towns that you could easily miss out on and you'd then regret doing so. It is amongst the "Most Beautiful Towns in Italy" and it is especially famous because of Giuseppe Pellizza (1868-1907), an exceptional painter of Italian realism. Amongst the favourites is the "Quarto Stato" is a symbol of the Italian labour movement. In Volpedo, visits are open to both his study and in the educational museum. Please do not miss out on the Pointillist picture gallery

in the Piazza del Duomo in Tortona.


If you spare some extra time, do visit both Garbagna and San Sebastiano Curone. The Rivalta Scrivia Abbey along with Sant'Alberto di Burtio hermitage are also worth a visit.

Montemarzino is also an ideal starting point for day trips to three of Italy's most beautiful cities: Milan, Turin and Genoa can be reached by car or train in less than an hour

- and the Ligurian Sea is also not far away.

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